Monday, October 31, 2011

Super Dungeon Explore...First Foray

All Set-up...Kobold Warrens with 2 spawn points, Sean is playing the Druid, Ian is playing the Paladin.

Good to go!

The Druid uses his first action to pop the treasure chest, then uses his brambles to slow the kobolds.
The Paladin moves toward the spawn point but doesn't have the movement to reach it.

On the Second Turn, The Druid transforms into his Angry bear form, but fails to inflict much damage

Our heroes are in the thick of it now...the Kobold Dragon Priest working with the Iron scales to make the kobold mob ruthless...However the Paladin manages to destroy the spawn point.

After spending an extra round killing kobolds, the heroes now injured,  move toward the second spawn point.

The Paladin is beginning to feel the sting from so many wounds, though a heart that popped from the druid, keeps him on his feet 

After getting the second relic, Rex has appeared, this is where the heroes begin to fall. Rex uses his push ability to force the heroes away and the kobolds swarm

The Paladin falls, and fails to's getting late, so the Consul becomes ruthless to finish the game  to get the heroes in bed for school on Monday

One more round and the druid falls to Rex's cuddle. 
The first play went well...a bit slow due to rules referencing, the boys made some tactical mistakes, such as letting the spawn points survive for far too long in the first couple rounds...they'll get better and then we'll take it to the gaming club.