Sunday, July 24, 2011

Gam3rCon, sans Comic Con

Well my hook-up for Comic Con fell through, so no SDCC2011. Which is horribly tragic in and of itself, in addition, no job means no Rusty Venture Lunchbox which was an SDCC Con Exclusive!!!!!

However on the 'made of awesome'(tm) side of the house, Gam3rCon has been a blast. Got to try out Gamma World 4e on Friday night (Zombies ftw). Got to play Outbreak Undead today, and Munchkin Zombie. Tomorrow I'm running my Paranoia event...28 Sleepcycles later, so all in all, it's been a very Undead Con. I will be doing a quick review for all games played for this weekend review. Oh we also played Guillotine, pretty fun game, 3 days of removing the nobility's heads in Revolutionary France.

Got to see "The Gam3rs" today with the boys, and it is Completely 'made of awesome'(tm). Whilst there are plenty of F Bombs, it's hilarious, and I highly recommend seeing it. It is playign through Next week. Unfortunately I wasn't able to afford Dr. Horrible's Sing Along
It's at the 10th Avenue Theater downtown, across from Papa John's.

Interviews with Walt and Brian. And I think I'll Have the boys interview Chris, who's running the games, and is a big San Diego Game Scene figure.