Thursday, July 14, 2011

Comic Con, Gam3rCon and Pathfinder Society, and Comic Con

Next week is going to be a busy busy week, Hopefully we're going to Comic Con with the Kung Fu Studio, but if not we have Gam3rCon, which I'm going to be running a Paranoia Game at. Thursday at Border's in Mission Valley (the last in San Diego), will be our first family Pathfinder Society Game. Plus the Comic Con in Oceanside on Sunday.

I will be playing a Chelaxian Dwarf, Hungry Ghost Monk, he's about as evil as you can get in PFS. I spent 20gp of my 150gp on tattooes, so he has the entirety of Asmodean Law tattooed on him in Infernal.  Should be an interesting game. Ian is playing a Half-elf Wolf Shaman Druid.