Thursday, July 28, 2011

Table-Top Thursday

WarLands Review

This is a review of WarLands miniature game produced by Aberrant.

What is it: WarLands is a 15mm scale miniature war game set in a post-apocalyptic world. Mad Max in 15mm scale.

Rules: If you’ve always liked other vehicular combat games, but hated how long they took to play, this may be the solution, Movement is simplified into Slow/Cruising/Fast, the exact numbers based upon the type of vehicle, fast for a truck is only cruising for a bike. The system uses 2d6, with modifiers, such as RC or CC (ranged or close combat). Damage is based upon the rolled damage, each die calculated separately, using exploding dice is always fun. Double sixes on the attack roll automatically cause a critical. Criticals can be brutal, and one can turn the tide of a combat in seconds, everything from a lucky escape, to a ruptured fuel, to a vehicular explosion. Balance is maintained using point buy for vehicles and pedestrians, the expanded book presents Mac’s Bodyshop, which will allow for customized vehicles. On there are free ezines called Data Dump which covers all of Aberrant’s games.

Miniatures: Decent, the vehicles are resin cast, with white metal accessories and figures. Being 15mm scale it’s easy to pull in WW2 miniatures for additional infantrymen.

Comprehension Level: Excellent, The rules are simple, the action furious. It’s one of the fastest miniatures games I’ve played.

Family Rating: 10+, rules are easy enough though it deals with shooting, destruction and killing, so as always, parental discretion is advised.

Price Tag:  As a miniatures game, you’re paying for the figures mostly.
Battle Box  $37.99 (Basic Rules, 2 Buggies and a Utility Truck)
A pair of bikes, $9
Cars cost $13,
Buggys, $11.99
The Rattler Gun Truck $15
Utility truck $9.99.
Sand Surfer #1 or #2 $13
The expanded PDF rulebook currently runs $9.99.
The quality isn’t bad, but it’s not incredible, for a niche market, it’s pretty good.

Value: For us, it’s well worth the money. No matter how many times we play WarLands, it’s always fun. We have A Battle Box, plus 2 more buggies, and a Rattler. I’d like to get a couple cars soon as I can.

Overall Rating: EPIC! The game is fun and fast, the tide can turn very quickly, good tactics and good rolls can change the game lightning fast.