Thursday, July 21, 2011

Pathfinder Society

Well the boys and I are going to be playing in our first Pathfinder Society game tomorrow. I haven't played in organized play in over a decade, I played once in an RPGA game back at Game Empire's old location.  3rd edition I believe. Can't even remember it was so long ago.

Well we're excited, I really like the character I made, Dwarven Hungry Ghost of the Sacred Mountain Monk, Using the Cheliax Faction to inspire creation, he is an outcast from his dwarven homelands, he has no full beard, only a braided goatee, he's shaved bald, though he has Asmodean tattooes all over his body, including the Asmodean Laws tattooed alll over him. He has the Faction trait that allows him to draw HP from a fallen foe=HD. He has the Relentless trait, +1 trait bonus to confirm crits (for that hungry ghost ki stealing ability later on. ) He has Belier's Bite Feat, which is a fun Improved Unarmed Combat feat which causes 1d4 bleed damage on an unarmed attack. He's Lawful Neutral, so he'll be very law oriented, which will keep him in check as far as other player's go, he wouldn't want to violate his Lodge oaths. At 5th level he'll take the Vow of Truth.  He's gonna be an interesting character for sure.

The boys are playing 'Xirus', the Half-elf Wolf Shaman Druid (Osirion faction) and a Khopesh. Ian loves his Egyptian's....=D

and Aril the Elven Rogue (Taldor Faction)