Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Orc Con 2014 (Initial)

First report by Dad!

OK So I'm not going to steal Ian or Sean's thunder by giving away excessive descriptions of the games we played. However, I will say we ended up bringing up one of the boy's friends; for his first convention.

Well we were only able to do one day again this convention, early rise to get to our first game at 9AM. Ian was in, but I was given a spot by another gamer so I could play with Ian, Sean and Connor headed off to play other games (Sean will be reporting on his experience later as well). Running the game was Morgan Ellis, one of the writers for Day After Ragnarok FATE edition. I picked Frank Frazetta as the character to play, yup, That Frank Frazetta. Concept was Young Barbarian. Trouble: "I watched the World Die",
So basically, Conan, or Death Dealer. Which Death Dealer was actually the Victorian Fireman's Axe he carried as his piece of gear. This was an amazingly fun character to play. Morgan ran a great game, and it was over far too quickly for my personal tastes. I will revisit this after Ian posts his experience for the game.

Frank Frazetta - Young Barbarian

Death Dealer

After the game was over, we headed around to check out the convention in its new home. So, the convention covered an additional floor, and had a huge area for open Role-playing. Three rooms were set aside for Roleplaying specifically, everything was organized very well, and Pathfinder, D&D 4e, and 13th Age were in the RPGA area. 

The Dealer Hall was pretty amazing this year, with several new vendors I noted.  Todd VanHooser was there selling his Adventures Under the Laughing Moon RPG, (Which is on sale on Drivethru RPG for the Valentines Day sale.) Comics and related novels as well. I will let Sean speak more about that particular point.

Todd is a very talented person who happens to be a High School teacher, we need more Todd's in this world.

Outside the vendor hall, I noticed an interesting booth. The Maelorum Booth. Maelorum? What's that? Well it's a Gamebook novel in the tradition of the old school Fighting Fantasy Game books. Choose your own adventure with a character. One thing about this particular book, it's 440 pages because you can progress through the book as one of three characters. Written and Illustrated by William Fincher.

Maelorum on DriveThruRPG $9.99

Ian and I went and played Paranoia at a very full table, 8 players, though one didn't have a sheet, as he ended up being a lowly infrared who somehow ended up as the Executive Officer in charge.It was amazing, and as always Paranoia is fun no matter how mandatory the fun is. Do Troubleshooters Dream of Electric Sheep? I'm not really sure, as I went through the most clones, I was on Clone 8 by the end. 

It was as always an amazing convention!!!

I look forward the next one.