Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Development of Unleashed

As you all know, my brain jumps through 800 tangents every 32.8 seconds. I have ideas galore and am easily derailed from personal projects, but when I get a project from someone else, I hit my deadlines and can focus, because it's not personal.

That being said, I'm going to start working on my Unleashed Campaign World and Rule Set more in earnest after the Earthdawn 4e work is done.

So here's the inspiration for my campaign world. The Aelfarrin came to Arydd, through space (or the aether if you want a more magical setting.) They came to mine gold, there are only 13 Aelfarrin that came to Arydd, and they understand magic/technology beyond the keen of the current era of the races of Arydd. They created many constructs to work the mines at first, but the constructs were too single minded in their pursuit at times, unthinking, and many were lost. Thus the experiments began.

The race which inhabited Arydd when the Aelfarrin arrived are long since extinct, though they were the base stock from which the Aelfarrin created all the other races of Arydd. (The inspiration for the Aelfarrin is the Annunaki of course.)

The Aelfarrin are an immortal race. They are extremely jealous of each other, and very lazy. They are all supra-genius intellect and wield eldritch power of unimaginable intensity. After a thousand years experimenting on the savage native race, they Aelfarrin finally decided to use part of themselves to create the first 'true' servant race, the dain-Aelf. These dain-Aelf, were created in the image of the Aelfarrin, tall and beautiful, like their masters, intelligent and well-versed in the pleasurable past-times. However the dain'Aelf were also just as power hungry and manipulative as their masters. They were thought to be too much like themselves to work the mines, but they were taught to create and maintain the constructs.

The second true servant race were the Dowar'Farrin,  The replacement for the original constructs, the Dowar'farrin were short and powerful, stubborn, and given the phobia of the wide open spaces, so the ugly brutes would be unseen by the Aelfarrin.

The Aelfarrin grew bored with life on Arydd. Though they would never attack each other outright, alliances and fueds between brothers and sisters were the norm, through proxy.

After the second millennium on Arydd, the Aelfarrin decided to separate, sick of the sight of each other, and they spread to the corners of the Five Continents, to scheme and plot against each other in their madness. Another millennium passed before the First War erupted on the Veklan Continent, a war of golem versus chimera....

More on this to come.

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