Wednesday, February 12, 2014


With around 3 hours remaining, you can still jump in on this Kickstarter!! The final secret goals were revealed including a Kickstarter only adventure!!!

First, the big news: We crossed $100,000. I am awestruck. You are awesome. This means that the final stretch goal is unlocked. Everyone who has pledged for $50 or more of hardcopy books gets all the PDFs - Players Guide, GM's Guide, Companion, Travar, Elven Nations, Questors, and the GM Screen. 

We're tossing in a couple of extra goodies for the physical-books backers as well. People who pledged for either softcover or hardcover books will receive an art preview PDF, multiple pages of art slated for appearance in the books. You get to see this art well before the books are published. Hardcover backers will also receive a PDF adventure written specifically for the KS, that will not be sold or released otherwise.

You can still upgrade your pledge and get any of these rewards in the next four hours. We'll send out a survey when the KS closes for address and reward verification, and that'll give you another chance to upgrade and grab the extra goodies,. We'll also send out a notification right before we ship your pledge items, giving you one last chance to add stuff to your order.

Now, as for international shipping: AstralWanderer pointed out a clause in Kickstarter and Customs law that allows us to declare the value of the books at their manufacturing cost rather than their cover price. This means our EU backers can get softcover or hardcover books, and the stretch goal goodies, without getting soaked for massive VAT and customs duties. We'll be working with this for all EU shipping, not just the low end pledges, but bear in mind that if you have a large order, even with the value declared at manufacturing cost it may still put you over the VAT threshold. We'll have more on this as we work out the details country by country.

Thank you again for your faith and your trust. Together, we can make Earthdawn the absolute best it can be. May the Passions be with you!