Friday, February 28, 2014

Friday Night Firefight - Judge Dredd New Hero

I'm going to attempt to get a Friday Night Firefight going @ AT EASE Games...give people something to do other than play Magic.

So I've been reading some Megazines and my Complete Collections, and I'll be coming up with new Characters occasionally.

First up is Chever Mahone from the Raptaur storyline

Cheever Mahone (Vid Reporter)  200 Credits
Level 4 Infantry  Hero
Move                6"
Agility             +3
Shoot               -
Melee             1
Melee Dice    1D
Will                  +1
Armour          +4
Hits                 5


Special Rules
Exclusive: (see pg 161 of the JDMG rulebook)

I ain't going back to the cubes!
Cheever won't get anywhere within 18" of a Judge. Though his Camdrone can. If a Judge comes within 18" Cheever will move away as fast as he can, even off the battlefield if cornered.

Loyal Audience:
Cheever caught images of the Raptaur case in progress, he spent 10 years in the Iso-Cubes because of it, and still he has a loyal audience. Add +5 to the final Vidscore for the "Story of the Day" (see pg 161 of the JDMG rulebook)

Armoured Trench Coat, Camdrone

Camdrone: Cheever has a state of the art Camdrone, allowing him to get shots of the action from a safe distance. The camdrone can be positioned anywhere within 6" of Cheever in order to get a better view of the action. (+20 credits)

AVAILABLE TO: Any except Justice Department