Monday, October 14, 2013

Gam3Day in review

We had a very small turnout for the Gam3day, but we all still had fun. Ran a FRAG/ZOMBIES!!! crossover game, FRAG is typically pretty fast (unless people are playing VERY cautious.) ZOMBIES doesn't run very quickly.

 Look HERE for the basic rules.

We made the following tweaks to it.


1. Zombies move into a player's square to attack, not adjacent. (This was a mistake on my part at first, but makes more sense.)

2. Ranged weapons damage dice can be split against multiple targets.
In a normal game of Zombies, each time you move you can kill a zombie in every square you move into.
We modded this for the FRAG rules by allowing splitting damage dice from FRAG weapons, since it's pretty silly to unload an entire Heavy Assault Cannon on a single zombie. Example: Take your 7D, and split them against 3 zombies within range, less likely to kill each but, not overkill.

3.  Zombies attack as a horde at the end of a phase.

If more than one zombie is in a player's square at the end of the turn, add an additional die for each zombie.
ex: 2 zombies: 3 dice, 3 zombies: 4 dice, 4 zombies: 5 dice, and so on.

4. Weapons which affect adjacent creatures. Adjacent in this case; means all the zombies in that square, not adjacent squares.

 additional rules I will try next time.

5. Zombies sense living creatures, they will not move away from players in the same tile.

6. If a player's health roll doubles a zombie attack, they kill those attacking zombies.
Not play tested, but makes sense.

7. Movement Speedx2 (moving 1-3 squares is ludicrous). Move 2 squares per point of speed.
Ran 2 hours of Judge Dredd, Zombies fall really quickly under the hail of Lawgiver execution rounds at 3 per shot, but the Zombie Master with Animate Dead is REALLY fun to raise the fallen minions, as new zombies. The opening advantage goes to the Justice Department, but as long as the Zombie Master isn't killed (which is harder to do with Shroud of Death.)

Played in Mario's Tomb of Horrors, we didn't finish, but man that was an extremely fun adventure. Playing at 7th level is insanely different. The spells typically get the upper results. I think I will convert the White Plume Mountain adventure to DCC and run it soon.