Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Pair-a-Dice Halloween Event

Pair-a-Dice will once again be hosting their Halloween event, run by Fanatical Gamer's Society.

Pair-a-Dice Games
2020 Hacienda Dr
Vista, CA

26 October 2013 from Noon to 9pm 

I will be there running some fun games.

Conan-Cthulhu Munchkin (with some prize support)
Robert E. Howard and H.P. Lovecraft were friends and contemporaries, therefore the Conan and Cthulhu sets are perfect mixture.

Join Sean, Ian, and I; we will be running Munchkin, Zombie Dice, Munchkin Zombies etc. 

MegaCity One Zom-Pocalypse - Judge Dredd Miniatures Game
Judge Dredd is occupied with the Dark Judges so it's up to Judge Giant and some cadets to take on a Sabbat wannabe, dozens of citizens have been killed already, a execution order has been given for the psychic Sabbat wannabe, kill or be killed. Oh, these zombies are infectious as well...

Dungeon Crawl Classics - Mystery of Greyshield Manor.
Revisit a classic adventure, with Dungeon Crawl Classics, a new take on my personal favorite adventure, Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh.