Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Still here

Hey been 6 days, Epic RPG Blog is still here, been an insanely busy week, culminating in the Game Truck birthday party for the Epic Twins...


Lots of items have been released recently, but I took the plunge on Malifaux 2e. I know there's a lot of upset players, but so far from what I've seen I like. Yeah, I'm missing a lot of cards for figures I want to use, but I know that they'll most likely be in the Wave 2 arsenal cards, Sue, and Vanessa, and the Guild Riflemen are ones I really want to get their cards for.

Dreadball is another game I'm absolutely loving, it's fast, it's fun and it is becoming more popular. Also, Sean and Ian like it as well. So far we're playing with just the Orx/Goblins and the Humans, but my MegaCity Headbreakers have been ordered. I came up with a special rule that the boys think is fair to represent the Judge's team. We are the Law - The Justice Department team will never commit a foul. The team may never commit a foul action in other words. Ever Vigilant - As Judges, they are always on the lookout for danger, and highly trained. If another team attempts to cheap shot a Judge, they can automatically turn one face. (this can actually be used against the Judges to turn them away from goals, so it is quite balanced.)

I finally got my copy of Machinations of the Space Princess from Lulu. I'm REALLY impressed how fast the order was taken care of, as it was my Lulu print on demand order. It was printed within 24 hours and I received it 2 days after that. In addition; I received it in absolutely perfect condition, it was packed on bubble wrap, at an angle in the box, providing maximum corner protection. Truly impressed. I love this game.

In other news, there will be a Gam3rCon Gam3day coming up on Sunday from noon to 9

It's that time again, Gam3days have arrived!!!  October 13th is Zombie Day! We need local GMs to host zombie themed campaigns in addition to having our Game Library present.  On top of that there will be Demos throughout the event of the Necrons from Warhammer 40k.  The event will run from Noon to 9pm

When: October 13th 12pm - 9pm
Where: At the 10th Avenue Theatre, San Diego
Why: Because you're made of awesome.