Thursday, September 26, 2013

What's up in Epic Land?

Gaming wise, not as much as I'd like. School is back in session for the boys, I'm working out and they turn 14 this upcoming birthday party has us running around doing stuff. Working out is of course taking up a lot of time. But well worth it.

We playtested the Judge Dredd Miniature Game's new rulebook, which is always fun, we are in the Playtest section, all three of us!!! Excellent. I'm also going to be preparing my most excellent Halloween event, unfortunately the demons haven't come in just yet, so it will be Sabbat commanding a legion of zombies, and a few werewolves might make an appearance.

I'm going over the playtest rules for another game which is in development.

I'm also mid-research on the Holy Roman Empire.

Games Wise, I'm looking to run some SJG soon.

I'll be doing a lot of JDMG painting in the coming weeks as well.