Sunday, September 8, 2013

JDMG playtesting

So this weekend has been about play testing the new Dredd rules, so we've played 3 fun Famous Fights so far. The rules themselves are pretty much the same, I've noticed some tweaks in point values and some numbers changed (most notably the RoboDogs, which dropped from +7 armor to +2 armor, and the werewolf templated went from +50 creds to +75 creds, which is a good change.)

We played Cheap Punk; a Dredd versus Gestapo Bob and his 30 gangers scenario. It ended up fantastically, with Dredd surviving by his "Die Hard/Die Harder" ability keeping him alive when he finally took down Gestapo Bob.

We played the Robot Uprising twice, Both times the Judges held the line, taking down the Demolition Droids. That scenario was pretty fun, the boys each played the Robots.

Today we're going to play the Dekker's Last Stand scenario, 30 zombies versus 5 judges. This scenario is awesome, since it uses the "Click, oh Grud" rules, aka, roll a 1 and end up out of ammo for that weapon; and the zombies just keep coming, each turn more zombies hit the field.

So off to Playtest some Dredd!!!