Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Mega-City Headbreakers - My future Dreadball Team

So I think I might be taking the dive into Dreadball. However, I think for my personal team I'm going to run a DREDD team, the Mega-City Headbreakers.(Now, if I had to pay for this team, it would run me around $75, which is slightly more than a normal team...well like a LOT more than a normal team, but...hey I love Dredd!!!)

I think I'll use Street Judges as Guards (The ones with the daystick)
 Street Judge 2

I'll use Psi-Judges as Jacks
 Female Psi-Judge

and Judge Jimps  as Strikers (after removing the guns)
Juve Jimp

Judge Dredd Keeper
Judge Dredd 2