Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Gam3Day Sept 15th was GREAT

So Gam3rCon Gam3Day was great, Sundays work well for me, but not so well for the first slot for RPGs...as usual; because you know...church and people like to sleep in, etc. So I had 3 players for my DCCRPG game; but since two of them were pretty young, when it got to the puzzles, they got bored, and decided they want to do other stuff. So I only got the introduction and two full combats taken care of, of course, I wracked up THREE kills in those two combats, MWUAHAHAHAH. They did enjoy the combats however, they wanted MORE combats, not realizing that combats or peasants is DEATH.

Well after the DCCRPG game went south, we played a bit of Munchkin Zombies, and some Zombie Dice.

After the Zombie Dice it was time for what I had been waiting for...The Doctor Who game run by Chris Czerniak, who stepped down from organizing the events at Gam3rCon, which is GREAT to me, since now he's GMing at the Gam3days!!! WOOHOO!!
+Chris Czerniaks game was GREAT, and Chris is a great GM, keeping even the youngest player on track, and mostly in check. We we all playing Timelords, Sol played The Doctor, I played Romana, Diz played Susan and her brother played Corrillius. We started off in a Modern TARDIS, towing the Doctor's Bluebox, We then get stuck in a Time Vortex Trap, so I had to use Romana's Boffin ability to make something to get out of the trap...We had a blast, the kids totally got into it, with Chris' narrative style working to help the kids play better, and be creative...did we save Olympus from the Daleks? Maybe...only Time will tell.

I'm not going to spoil the entire adventure, cuz maybe you will get the chance to play in Chris' adventure.

Finished off the night with +david blood teaching me how to play DREAD BALL!!! Course now i want to make a Dredd team to play Dread Ball, Psions could be the strikers. Dread Ball was very fun, and much faster than Bloodbowl....I need to really look at the Campaign rules to see how good they are.