Sunday, November 16, 2014

Unpub Mini SD report

Last Nights event at Pair-a-Dice Games, was fun, though short for us, as we were only there for about 3 hours.There were tons of indie games, in development.

 Pretty big turnout. I can tell you was LOUD in that gaming hall.

Ian and I play Anaconda, a Civil War CSN vs. USN card game, by Alex Bagosy (Designer of the upcoming "Divided Republic" board game as well as the creator "Brave Men, Badly Led" family of miniature games. Owner/Operator of Black Army Productions, LLC.)

It was a fun 2-person game which has distinctively different strategies for the two faction.

Charge, as played by Sean and Ian was a frantic army building card game. They really enjoyed it. 

 I got to play StarCade by Derak Morreli, of "We Are Dead". This microgame is fast with 4 different modes of play, so, two-player and multiplayer.

Unfortunately getting into some games was tough,as they filled up fast.

Hope to have more time next time one of these events happens.