Friday, November 14, 2014

San Diego Local Event TOMORROW! [Pair-a-Dice Games]

Fun, Games, and lots of Prizes
(This is a Free event)
  • 18 Game Designers showing off 23 never published games!
  • Prizes from various sponsors including: Game Salute, Tasty Minstrel Games, Tim Fowers, Squirmy Beast, Never Peak Games, and Pair A Dice.
  • Design your own game at the Build-Your-Own-Game table sponsored by The Game Crafter

This Saturday, November 15th, Local board and card game designers will demo their creations. You will have the opportunity to play these games with the designers and win raffle prizes for playing. Get a ticket for every game you play. Raffle prizes will be awarded throughout the event and will include gift cards to Pair A Dice Games, board games, and more!

Playtesting is of vital importance to improving and enhancing a game project as it journeys toward publication. Besides, how cool is it to meet the developer and play the next big hit game before it's even published.

Throughout the day there will be scheduled game sessions so it will be easy to jump in and give a game a try.  To see the schedule of exciting games, as well as other information, visit

The event begins at 12 PM at Pair A Dice Games and have games scheduled all the way to 9PM