Friday, August 22, 2014

RPG-a-Day - Playing Catch-up (Days 1-10)

As you know I came to the show late....

So here's some catch-up:

Day#1 - First RPG Played
AD&D – 1983. Walked out to lunch, saw the guys from my GATE class sitting at the lunch tables looking at a book. Iain Shigeoka, Mike Shaw, Jeff Partridge; thanks.

Day#2 - First RPG Gamemastered
AD&D – 1983. I think the first game I ever ran was a Monty Haul dungeon crawl with a neighbor.

Day#3 - First RPG Purchased
AD&D Player’s Handbook. I had to have my own Player’s Handbook.

Day#4 – Most recent RPG Purchased
Not sure if The Strange counts for most recent purchased, as it was my Kickstarter reward. I also picked up Usagi Yojimbo RPG weekend before last.

Day#5 – Most Old School RPG I Own
Considering that I still own my original PHB/DMG/MM, it would be my AD&D books.

Day#6 – Favorite RPG I never get to play
This is a tough one, I love playing Earthdawn, but you need a great GM to run it. I don’t get to play in Earthdawn Games. I don’t get to play except at Cons generally, as I’m usually running.

Day#7 – Most ‘Intellectual’ RPG Owned
I used to own Phoenix Command/Living Steel, this had to be the most complex and intellectually designed game I’ve ever seen. Table after Table, too much for me. 

Day #8 – Favorite Character
It has to be per system. In DCC my favorite character is Bub, my 4 Int Halfling Gypsy, who didn’t quite make it. In Earthdawn it was Txoro, the T’Skrang Warrior who became so much more. In Pathfinder Marra, my teenaged Inquisitor, who lost someone dear to her when she was a member of Lamm’s Lambs. I love creating characters with true character, and memorable traits.

Day #9 – Favorite Die/Die Set
I have to say, 2d10. Nice pyramid curve, which can be used to replace nearly any d20 roll (except tables from 1-1-20)

Day #10 – Favorite Tie-in Novels.
Eberron – City of Towers. The novels that Keith Baker himself penned. They did an excellent job of bringing the campaign setting to life.