Tuesday, May 2, 2017

PARANOIA in CON sector

So we had a BLAST playing Paranoia Sunday evening. It was actually the first time a mission was completed successfully in any of my games. I used FATE rules again. I realized FATE is problematic in that the physical stress boxes make killing Troubleshooters difficult. So, next time, No Physical Stress boxes. Stress boxes will be for Treasons only, maybe.

So we had 5 players. 4 Veterans of at least one game and a newbie, but experienced Role-player.

I used the Mission blender online to generate multiple missions. I found one mission that had PLC Outfitting to be run as the Monty Python Cheese shop. It was FABULOUS!!! The clerk was super cheerful and helpful, but ultimately the team ended up having to go to an IR market, which the Free Enterprise Troubleshooter just happened to know about.

Everything out of stock, but look at our cleanliness awards.
Except the plunger, you don't want that, it's a bit messy...well it's a bit radioactive...oh it's gone.
He was very knowledgeable about laser barrels, explaining the difference between Mk I and Mk VII barrels...which of course didn't exist before that moment, BUT THEY DO NOW!.

The infrared market had a couple Free Enterprise Vulture Squad goons, shaking down the visitors, the abandoned PLC Outfitting room had a thick layer of grey dust, so it must be infrared, just don't step on the green spots where the floor has been revealed. The place was crawling with Free Enterprise traders, with names like Benny and Vinny...

Mk I laser barrel - just a normal barrel.
Mk VII laser barrel - forward and rear facing cameras, and a low resolution omni-directional camera which was improved with the MkVIIa barrels.

So now that's a thing.

Someone decided to use a certain mutation. So as they were trying to find the mission, they had a dozen Bots saying in unison "This way sir, This way sir"

The team of course had an emergency power outage in the Transbot just before they got to the mission area. For some strange reason when the Loyalty Officer died, they all startet saying "Back to Work, Back to Work." When it started up again, the now deceased loyalty officer and 12 bots were sucked out of the transbot as the bots kept ramming the doors.

The transbot accelerated back to 200 mph, and a couple of minutes later started letting the troubleshooters know that it would be arriving soon. Still going 200mph. No one reacted...so when it stopped in 60 feet, the Team Leader who failed to hold on at the last second suffered a massive concussion.

They arrived at the Infrared Tech Services Clone Backup Ordering services room.  cleared the clog in the Food Delivery system with some shifty used of the Sculpt power. The others suspected, but did not know. The Debriefing Room was next door, they entered the dark room, to the sound of click click click of a jammed slug rifle, then the sound of a a door opening and closing.

I REALLY WISH I HAD RECORDED IT!!! I will record the next session.

 The Troubleshooters were:
Komput-R-GOD-1 (Will be Komput-R-GOD-2 for the next session)


This is a relatively simple hack, and uses a very loose version of FATE Accelerated to

The six attributes are Management, Stealth, Violence, Hardware, Software, and Wetware.
I assign (2) +1 attributes, (3) 0 Attributes, and (1) -1 Attribute. These are much lower than the standard attribute arrays in FATE, because, well these are drugged out incompetents. Violence can never go below 0.

Specializations are listed on the normal character sheet as a + or a -, except energy weapons which is a ++

The character sheet shown to the left is the standard Paranoia XP character sheet, I will replace it with my FATE of the Complex sheet soon, after I modify it to remove the Stress Boxes.

 Attacks are typically calculated as Violence vs. High Alert

Mutations are rolled with 8 fudge dice instead of the standard 4. As mutations are highly unstable. I might make R&D weapons use 8 dice as well

Armor is as effective as it's level of Clearance.
R  1
O  2
Y  3
G  4
B  5
I   6
V  7
UV 10

Weapons are the same but Add 1. Except UV, which is still 10.
R  2
O  3
Y  4
G  5
B  6
I   7
V  8
UV 10

As there are no stress boxes, and Energy Weapons will almost always be higher than High Alert, Weapons which hit will inflict lots of fun consequences.

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