Wednesday, September 14, 2016


Interface Zero
So with the upcoming Malmart Catalog by a new author, I will be releasing my unpublished stuff on here.I'll also be publishing my personal campaign numbers based upon the original documents for IZ which had some slightly higher numbers. However, with the Savage Rifts take on advanced polymers adding to TOUGHNESS of armors, I'm going to revamp some of those original armors with a Toughness bonus instead. I might also replace some of the supplemental armors with Toughness bonuses instead. Especially the Bombs on Broadway line.

I'm currently working on a Sprawl Crawl Classics inspired DCC campaign. I've been brainstorming for the last week, and I must say it's pretty freaking cool.

You're not a hero,
You're an Umbral Raider
A Graft
A Breaker
A Transmogrifier
A Weaver crawling through the AetherMesh

You seek Script & Secrets
Success through obfuscation and instinct
Bathed in the Gore of the unfortunate,
the Broken, the fallen and the Shattered

There is power to be won in the Umbra
Time to seek Jack in the Shadows... 

Classes include
The Graft
The Mog
The Weaver
The Breaker
The Hedge
The Penumbra
The Entombed
Gits (Halfling)
Hodgepodge (unstable goblin races)
Chimeer (Humanoid Chimera)

More later

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