Wednesday, September 21, 2016

The Rift is opening, and it's SAVAGE!

So I'll be running my wife and kids through The Garnettown Gambit.

We have a Human Juicer, (Rolled up some interesting back ground rolls, including the Juicer Uprisings.) So his background is, he's a former Coalition Grunt, who, like Finn in Force Awakens, couldn't handle the atrocities. So he ended up stealing an APC loaded with gear and high tailing it out of the territory. (Yes, the vehicle is insanely powerful, but there are only 3 players. And two extras I'll be rolling up.)

We have a Quick Flex Glitterboy. pretty straightforward, however he did roll up a Great Chainsword on the Close Combat Weapons fortune table, so that is actually sized for the Glitterboy.

And finally my wife is playing a Human Crazy, Her starting mania is crippling fear of Gelatinous deserts, which is what made her wanted by the Coalition States, after killing a few dozen party goers at a function she was working. And hurling a table full of flan onto Colonel Sparks.

Should be FUN! also Fast and FURIOUS!!!

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