Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Xmas in July coming to a close...

Well Xmas in July is coming to a close, and I assume that most of you are spending your money at GenCon...*JEALOUS*

So I'm just going to list what I have had a hand in. Interface Zero 2.0 and  Earthdawn 4e.

Earthdawn 4th edition is pretty cool, it has finally veered away from the previous editions in an attempt to modernize the system is a way to speed up play. New art with Jeff Laubenstein as Art Director brings some really nice pieces to it. I'm listed as a developer, and I did assist in a an advisory role, though a lot more of my ideas will be in the forthcoming Gamemaster's Guide.

Interface Zero 2.0 had a pretty big Kickstarter, which is slowly delivering, which after this I have more to write for the MalMart Catalog. It's a good game, It's Savage Worlds, so it's easy to modify it to run Shadowrun or even Rifts...

I wish I could also link the Sinbad Savage Worlds  link, but the company went belly up during the Kickstarter partly due to failed promises. I wrote the chapter on The Eastern Roman Empire, and it was a fun and enlightening experience.

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