Thursday, July 30, 2015

Metamorphosis Alpha

So for my Father's Day present I ended up with the Collector's edition of Metamorphosis Alpha. (link is for 1e edition, not collectors edition)

Before the boys left on their Tennessee vacation, I decided to run it for the family. After a fairly quick character generation session, we ended up with 2 mutants and a true human. Let me tell you this, Gamma World fixed some issues while creating others.)

I will post the characters in a future post.

We made characters Saturday night, and played for a little while. Continued on Sunday, and then they asked if we could continue on Monday before they left on their trip. This was actually pretty amazing, because I can't remember a game where they wanted to play 3 nights in a row.

We are playing the introductory adventure in the Collector's edition, The rite of passage. Now, in that adventure there are some seriously odd contradictions, and stat blocks. Most notably an NPC with an off the chart Mental Resistance. (Which should just be named Mental Strength, as Mental Strength is used when attacking with a power, but MR is the stat..odd). Off the chart in that it had a 20 MR, when attributes are only supposed to go to 18. The charts only go to 18.

Amazingly both Mutants have very high MR and the human has an average MR, which actually means the human is less apt to decipher artifacts now. Which I believe actually took the wind out of Ian's sails when both Sean and Sarah deciphered weapons Ian failed to decipher. Including a Protein disruption Rifle and a Laser Rifle. That's OK Ian has acid grenades.

I am enjoying this game nearly as much as DCC.


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