Saturday, March 14, 2015

Another long week

Man, another long ass week, 54.5 hours, and that was with me going home early on Monday/Tuesday cuz I was feeling sick...y'know after 9.5 and 10 hours!!! LOL

Anyway, after a full day of vegging out, it's about time to get back to some creative work.

Here's something about Clearspring I'm going to input, the halflings of Clearspring and probably the rest of Llaydd will not only have the lucky halfling racial bit, but they can make the luck affect others in the negative as well. The halflings kind of demand 'lucky' protection.

I see the halflings as kind of Victorian era gangs of street gangs. They run protection rackets based upon preventing 'accidents' from happening, y'know, literal accidents caused by bad luck. I see them with big ole mutton chops, but not wearing green, they're not leprechauns. They also don't particularly like being called halfling, it puts them in a bad mood, bad things might happen when they're not happy.They prefer pipp, short for Piptish, their ancient culture. The Clearspring Inn and Gambling House isn't a place you want your kids hanging around.