Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Upcoming Events - April

Anime Conji is this weekend, followed by our Favorite...Kingdom Con. Check the events schedule tab for more information!

This is going to be a strange Kingdom Con for us, as it will be the first one Sean won't be with us; as he'll be in St. Louis for the FIRST Robotics Championship...Good luck Mission Hills High School #IronKodiaks

I will be running two RPG events,

Earthdawn "Murder in Bartertown" on Friday ( a Second Circle Murder mystery.) The war with Thera is over. But when the Theran ambassador is a murdered, it's up to a mixed team of Therans and Barsaivians to find out what really happened before hostilities resurface.


Interface Zero 2.0 "Extraction" on Savage Saturday! (The Czerniak Conglom needs a defector scientist extracted from Xaa-Korp.) Characters will be provided, but you'll need to acquire the gear you need for the extraction. Time is ticking...they're moving him sometime in next 24 hours, to a secret base.

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