Saturday, April 12, 2014

Catch up - Dead Zone!

Well I'm actually feeling like my old self again. I've spent the last week going to bed early, and skipping the gym, due to the fact i had nearly pushed myself to the point of  exhaustion. Part of the problem was World of Tanks on XBox. Part of it was the exhaustion from the long days two weeks ago.

My creativity was at an all time low. Effectively I would come home, and plop down in from of the TV, turn on the Xbox, and play for a long time. I get into this mode occasionally, but I usually mix it with other things, art, gaming, the blog, all sorts of things, but this time it was bad.

Anyway, I'm feeling better, I'm rested, I'm gaming (played some Deadzone at At Ease tonight.We started a 4 game campaign. I started off by booby trapping +David Blood 's Poor rebels, not once, but twice with my Enforcer squad.)

DeadZone is a very interesting wargame. Using modular movement rules, with some relatively in depth but simple rules, the game operates very well without any measuring tapes. The rules work quite well for squad based games. The number of references (mission cards, battle cards, stat cards, equipment descriptions, ability descriptions, etc., while daunting at first, become much easier to track even after the first game.)