Monday, May 9, 2011

Gaslight Gathering Redux

 Photos from Gaslight Gathering are being posted to the Epic RPG Blog Facebook page. (easier to view them there.)

We had a good time, no real interview prospects, but Sean and Ian were great game runners, getting people to play Kill Doctor Lucky, Save Doctor Lucky, Munckin Booty and Munchkin. 

I got to play a couple demo games of Dystopian Wars in addition to playing games with the boys. I also learner how to play Red Dragon Inn!! That was fun, I was GOG! the half-ogre...and I nearly won...but me drank too much and passed out!

Dystopian wars is a steampunk land/naval wargame in an epic scale. Produced by Spartan Games, it is a very balanced game which relies more on tactics than luck, though luck definitely has it's day, as is uses and exploding dice mechanic.Still even with good rolling, poor placement and tactics can really mean the difference between a close game and a blow-out. Dystopian Wars

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