Sunday, May 29, 2011

Free RPG Day - June 18th!

Free RPG day is coming up, it's going to be a hectic day for us, kung fu practice for the San Diego County Fair in addition to covering FREE RPG DAY!!

There's some great stuff on the list this year too:

  • Amarillo Design Bureau
    Prime Directive Adventure "Starship Aldo" (both d20 & GURPS)
  • BlackWyrm Games
    XDM Adventure: "Laser Squid Nemesis"
  • Blue Panther
    Dice Tower
  • Chessex
    Commerative Dice For Store Owner
  • Eden Studios
    All Flesh Must Be Eaten Quickstart & Adventure
  • Exile Game Studios
    Hollow Earth Expedition Quickstart & Adventure
  • Fantasy Flight Games
     Black Crusade Quickstart and Adventure
  • Flying Buffalo
    Tunnels & Trolls Solo Adventure, "Rescue Mission"
  • Goodman Games
    DCC RPG Quickstart
  • Green Ronin
    DragonAge Quickstart
  • Paizo
    "We Be Goblins!" Pathfinder Adventure
  • Paradigm Concepts
    Arcanis RPG Quickstart & Adventure
  • Pinnacle
     Savage Worlds Quickstart & Adventure, titled "The Wild Hunt"
  • Q-Workshop
      Unique Elven-themed Dice
  • Stone Tablet Games
    Aspect Quickstart Adventure
  • Troll Lord Games
    Amazing Adventures Quickstart
  • Valkyrie Games
    Stellar Horizons Quickstart
  • White Wolf Publishing
    World of Darkness Quickstart
  • Wizards of the Coast
    "Domain of Dread: Histhaven" D&D 4th Edition Supplement to the box set "The Shadowfell: Gloomwrought and Beyond"
  • Mayfair
    Settlers of Catan: Catanimal Variant rules (single page paper insert)
With Pair-a-dice games only allowing 1 per person, there's going to be some serious choice making to be made. Luckily a lot of the stuff will be available as free PDF downloads from their respective owners also.

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  1. that was an Epic! turn-out for Free RPG Day. Check out the pictures on the Facebook too see the crowd outside and inside.