Wednesday, July 5, 2017


Here's the List of Role-playing Games in the LIch's Tomb.

Thursday Lich’s Tomb
11:00AM-3:00PM - Savage Rifts (Character creation)
11:00AM-3:00PM - The Dark Eye
5:00PM-9:00PM - FATE (freeform)
5:00PM-9:00PM - Savage Rifts (freeform)
5:00PM-9:00PM - DCC RPG - Hole in the Sky

The Tomb (Adventurer’s League)
10:30-1:30PM: The Black Road
10:30-1:30PM: In Dire Need
2:00-5:00PM: Uninvited Guests
2:00-5:00PM: A Dish Best Served Cold
6:00-10:00PM: Beneath the Fetid Chelimber
6:00-10:00PM: Forgotten Traditions

Friday Lich’s Tomb
11:00AM-3:00PM - FATE: Interface Zero
11:00AM-3:00PM - Edge of the Empire
11:00AM-3:00PM - TORG
5:00PM-9:00PM - AD&D
5:00PM-9:00PM - DCC RPG - Frozen in Time

The Tomb (Adventurer’s League)
10:30-1:30PM: Chelimber's Descent
10:30-1:30PM: The Sword of Selfaril
2:00-5:00PM: Giant Diplomacy
2:00-5:00PM: Writhing in the Dark
6:00-10:00PM: Bad Business in Parnast
6:00-10:00PM: Jarl Rising

Saturday Lich’s Tomb
11:00AM-3:00PM - Stormbringer
11:00AM-3:00PM - MCC RPG  (Beacon of the Gods)
5:00PM-9:00PM - Edge of the Empire
5:00PM-9:00PM - Savage Rifts (Overwatch Crossover Crisis)
6:00PM-10:00PM - Headspace

The Tomb (Adventurer’s League)
10:30-1:30PM: The Black Road
10:30-1:30PM: The Black Heart of Vengence
2:00-5:00PM: Uninvited Guests
2:00-5:00PM: The Redemption of Kelvan
6:00-10:00PM:Parnast Under Siege
6:00-10:00PM: The Hartkiller's Horn

Sunday Lich’s Tomb
10:00AM-1:45PM - Paranoia (FATE of the Complex)
10:00AM-1:45PM -DCC RPG Kid Friendly (The Frostfang Expedition)
1:00PM-6:00PM - Serenity
2:15PM-6:00PM - Outbreak Undead
2:15PM-6:00PM - FATE (freeform)

The Tomb (Adventurer’s League)
10:30-1:30PM: Outlaws of the Iron Route
10:30-1:30PM: Reeducation, Part I
2:00-5:00PM: Redemption
2:00-5:00PM: Oubliette of Fort Iron

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