Monday, January 16, 2017

Gam3rBowl - Savage Rifts - The Overwatch Gambit

So Gam3rBowl,

I plan on running an Overwatch cross-over for the Garnet Town Gambit. Tracer is the Trigger, her quantum pack has a hiccup and acts as a conduit to open the rift, dragging the characters through. I hope the players end up being Overwatch fans who might not know much about Rifts.

This is coming up in 3 weeks so I need to Convert the Overwatch Characters before then, There are LOTS of characters to convert and as I convert them I will also upload them to my DRIVE and update this page with those pre-gens.

The first one I worked on was McCree...pretty easy conversion, he's straight forward and is more about gear than anything.

The bigger issue is Ultimates, I have to figure out how to handle Ultimates. I'm thinking they might be something which requires a Bennie to trigger (more?)

Stand by for uploads and updates.

Sorry to everyone waiting on some of those other conversions!!!

With 22 characters, I think I'll focus on the heroes for this first convention appearance.