Thursday, May 22, 2014

"Back in the Saddle, and Back on the Horse"


That's a reference as to what happened yesterday with several Kickstarters coming to life with "Back in the Saddle" and GMS saying he looks forward to getting back on the horse after his illness.

It's strange how 3 years ago I was all OGL. I was still spell-bound by Pathfinder, Far West looked to be an amazing piece of upcoming d20 based goodness. Now, I've been playing more games, different games, thanks to the Blog.

My hate of the d20 has solidified, enough so when I do get around to making my game, you won't need a d20. I've made several hacks for removing the d20. Numenera being the most recent.

I'm really getting back into mini gaming. I love Malifaux 2e, and Hell Dorado. I'm still a major fan of Judge Dredd, not just because I demo it, but because I enjoy playing it. It captures the proper feel of Judge Dredd. I'm hoping to play more wargames over summer with the boys. X-Wing is a really fun game that's more about using combos well and out-guessing your opponent than NEEDING to buy 8 copies of the most expensive one. I'll be playing in my first X-Wing tournament on June 1st at At Ease games. I don't even know the format yet!!!

Judge Dredd
Hell Dorado

While I generally don't like CCGs any more. I do still have my L5R cards, and I picked up the Box set game, so that is a game I'll be teaching to the boys this summer.

Really fun thing happening this summer is that as an aside, we sill be doing a Library based Gaming Club over summer. (we're not allowed to link it to the high school gaming club, so it's just the Mission Hills Gaming Club.)

Wow I haven't been this wordly in quite a while. Mostly because I was suffering from that crazy exhaustion.

Feels good.

More later, lunch is OVER!