Tuesday, March 4, 2014

GM's Day Sale & Gaming New Year

Well as we all know GM's Day  is coming to an End. So I kinda made a Suggestion today that this is the Gaming New Year as well, as Gary Gygax "entered the dungeon for the last adventure" on March 4th, 2008. So we March Fourth into a New Year of Gaming.

I even mentioned it to Ernie Gygax. He suggested this year be the Year of the Phoenix in Celebration of all the Old School Renaissance goodness going on.

So welcome to The Year of the Phoenix. 6 A.G. (After Gary or After Gygax, take your pick. I prefer After Gary, as there is still a Gygax or two making an impact on the Gaming World)

Use the Year of the Phoenix as a storytelling device the entire year in your games. Have your games revolve around resurrection of bad-guys, or name groups after the phoenix. In a modern game, you could have a major base of operations be set in the City of Phoenix.

Let's hear ideas for 7 A.G.'s title. Seven is a lucky number....it rhymes with Heaven...suggestions?


Now back to the Gm's Day Sale. This is a 30% off sale at Drivethru RPG, best to take advantage of the BIG items you might have been thinking bout getting, but just hadn't gotten around to it.

The Big Guns...

Numenera - $13.99 If you'd been thinking about getting it, and just hadn't...well strike while the Numenera are in safe mode!

Ptolus - $41.99 This is a big one, normally $59.99, or $89.99 for a standard hardcover through DTRPG, This campaign setting by Monte Cook is well loved by many.

Midgard Setting - $13.99 If you missed the Bundle of Holding, and really wanted  Midgard, now's your chance, at $13.99 it's not a bad deal.

Streets of Zobeck - $6.99  more Midgard setting info!!

I will post more big DTRPG goodness tomorrow!

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