Monday, December 23, 2013

DCCRPG @ Pair-a-Dice Games 27/28th December

I will be running DCC at Pair-a-Dice Games on the 27th and 28th of December.

I will be running Sailors of the Starless Sea funnel tomorrow, December 27th,  around 12 Noon. (closer to 1PM

December 28th TBD (waiting on a friend to confirm a time)

Pictures from Session 8 
My wife's lovely shade of green hair...honest, it's natural....she's half-sylvan elf...

Sean looking at his character with the 4 str and 5 Luck...ended up being named Cannoon Foddaer, and was #1

2d20 action dice in a level 1 funnel? See below for dead characters.

And they....and they...RAN AWAY!!!

Found the Stash...but not quite.

And they...and they...RAN AWAY!!!!

3 Deaths, and only halfway through!!! Illustrations of deaths by Sean & Ian

Session 9!! (WOOT)
Added more players for the next session today.

Prepped and ready to roll.

After revisiting some of the upper areas, the characters finally made their way down to the Ziggurat, via the longboat. (good thing they made the detours back because they picked up a certain couple items that prevented a TPK)

The characters fought most of the beastmen from the longboat after shooting at them with the longbow.

This was a REALLY fun adventure to run, and was definitely the one with the most available treasure. 7  0-levels survived from the 23 total (topped everyone up with characters when the new players arrived.)