Monday, April 18, 2011

Kingdom Done

Well, that was a great time!

On Friday, we spent lots of time with the MIBs from Steve Jackson Games, playing Cthulhu Munchkin, Lord of the Fries, Zombie Dice and FRAG!. Sean and Ian also did the demo for Killer Bunnies and the Ultimate Odyssey , then played in the tournament for fun and prizes! Ian got second place...EPIC! Later that evening we got to play Cubicle 7's Doctor Who RPG. The game's got a point based system to balance out the doctor with the other characters, the vortex generator for Captain Jack Harkness seemed a bit too powerful and should have required a point each time it was used.  Though I think it had enough points to pull off all the vortex jumps I did. It was a fun one-shot game, Ian enjoyed playing the Doctor and Sean played K-9, when he was constantly hacking the system. I liked the ladder system for success.

On Saturday, we played more Munchkin and SJG games, including Cthulhu Dice. The Epic boys played in the Killer Bunnies tournament again, but got knocked out in the first round...not so EPIC! I went to play Dresden Files RPG while they were in the tournament, and I must say that is one of the best games I've played. I can't see Dresden Files being done justice under another system. The last thing we did was learn Battlegrounds, the card based miniature war game, $15 gets you all you need for an army, another $15 gets you an expansion to that army. (Though I learned future armies will be combined base and expansion in one box for $25.) No painting required. Ian won his Lizardman deck, then we also bought the High Elf deck and the Monsters & Mercenaries deck.

Sunday, was a lot less crowded, started the day with more SJG games, Zombie Dice, Lord of the Fries. We made our way down to the War Game room and finally got in on the demo for SUPER DUNGEON EXPLORE!, the 8-bit table top game, great game lots of fun. After that we got in on the Warlands demo, a fast and deadly post-apocalyptic game, we had, no survivors.

More on all the games we played as individual reviews as time progresses.

Sean and Ian interviewed Ross Thompson, founder of Kingdom Con; Jeff Bellinger, creator of Killer Bunnies; Tony Kenealy, co-owner of Aberrant, one of the creators of Rezolution and Warlands; and finally The creator of Super Dungeon Explore!, John Cadice.

Can't wait til next year.

Now the task of editing and uploading the interviews.