Interface Zero Campaign

I will be putting my campaign notes and unpublished equipment on this page. Much of this is rough, and unfinished. I need to supply damage and tables in some cases. But Enjoy!

My personal IZ2.5 Rules. 

      OK, so when we started writing, it was under a different developer, he wanted big numbers, I was all in on that, since I KNEW we were going to have Smartguns, and cybernetics to offset high armor numbers. But I wrote out the Kevlar rules, since I never enjoyed the way they were written, and 77 years in the future, Kevlar will probably be replaced by better personal armor (we were seeing improvements on that a long time ago. Armor which reduces AP just isn't fast or fun, bit furious though. So I threw it out knowing I was going to increase the other armors.Weapons had an increase, but that was cool too. The main reason for the increases was so there was a very large difference between a hand cannon and a zip pistol. Golem mechs, Cyborgs running around with heavy armor. We did stay in the normal range for armor originally, the normal range including going up to advanced battle armor. 

First Change:
I will be going over all the armors and revisiting the Armor Values. Many will be updated to use the Savage Rifts bonus to Toughness. Some armors might go from +8 to +6 (+2 Toughness) for example.

Mjolnir will be updated. It was edited after I submitted it. It is listed as an AMR, an Anti-Material Rifle. An Anti-Material rifle is effectively a large caliber, anti-armor sniper rifle. When it was published, it was turned into a machine gun, for reasons unbeknownst to me.

Here's the original write-up, which I will be using in both my IZ games and Savage Rifts games. It is ROF: 1.

AGA Mjolnir AMR
The ultimate in man-portable firearms. This 30mm Anti-Materiel Rifle can be loaded with APDSF, or High Explosive rounds. Extending nearly 7 feet in length, and equipped with a built-in combat computer this piece of hardware is designed to take down light Golemmechs and power armors. Standard Munitions APDS Armor Piercing Discarding Sabot Flechette round, with a single depleted uranium flechette, designed to cut through heavy armors. “When you need to nail a golem, pick up The Hammer!"
• Constructed of high density polymers and lightweight ceramics to cut the weight of the weapon.
• Minimum: Str d10
• Range 25/50/100
• Tripod Equipped standard, 2 rounds to set-up.
• 6 Round magazine
• Weight: 85 lbs.
• Stationary, Heavy Weapon
• 30mm APDSF 4d6 damage, AP30
• High Explosive 4d8 damage AP4 MBT.
Cost: 18,000 credits, Each round costs 250 credits.

Here are some of the unpublished items I had written up:

Black Knight Industries Paladin Body Armor
The final piece of Black Knight’s initial foray into the personal armor market. Utilizing its patented Mythralloy MythraMail as it’s base armor, with two layers of CeraMite plating. The Paladin is their full body  armor. Utilizing the new CeraMite plating, have given Black Knight the tools it needed to compete in the personal armor arena.
Available in gloss or matte black. Optional silver or gold trim, HyperTag options with custom designed heraldry for a modest 1,000 credits.

Black Knight Industries Squire Body Armor
Black Knight’s initial foray into the personal armor market. Utilizing its patented Mythralloy MythraMail as it’s base armor, with CeraMite™  plating. The Squire is the baseline armor. Utilizing the new CeraMite™ plating, Black Knight has the tools it needed to compete in the personal armor arena. Black Knight’s signature line of armors is all about protection, not gimmicks.

Ravenlocke Bomb Squad Blast Armor
Another of the RI Law Enforcement armors, this one specifically designed for Bomb Disposal Units. In this Age of Corporate espionage, civil disobedience, and border disputes; bomb disposal is nearly a daily occurrence. AI robot units are easily fooled, human intuition is a useful tool for bomb disposal. Protecting the brave men and women of the Bomb Squad is our primary concern. Impact Absorption layers protect this valuable operative from explosions (1/2 damage from explosions). Bomb Analysis Package included with every set of Blast Armor (+2 bonus to defuse bombs)

Ravenlocke Dante Fire Protection Armor
RS's first foray into Armor’s designed for non-security functionality. The Dante is designed for Fire Fighting. Designed to protect in excess of 2500 degree temperatures. Numerous systems for fire support provided with the Dante Fire Protection Package, Ravenlocke Fire Service Ceramic Chain Axe, Plasma cutter (2d6 damage [double versus inanimate], Range 1/2/-), and 20 charges of emergency fire-suppression foam system. A Servo strength boosting system allows for short term carrying of heavy loads, useful in removing heavy debris, or rescue operations. Helmet has full thermal optics in a fully enclosed helmet,  integrated 2-hour oxygen supply, and a Comm system, with recording up link. The ‘Fireman’s Carry’ ServoBoost support system allows 15 minutes of enhanced (d12+1) strength for carrying purposes. In an effort to protect our firefighters, the Dante Fire Protection Armor includes the “Officer Down” Bio-sensor uplink.

Ravenlocke Patrol Armor
RS's Patrol Armor is standard issue for nearly all law enforcement and security patrol agencies. Heavy torso protection with additional arm and legs protection. Patrol Armor includes an Integrated BioAnalysis Holster, ‘Officer Down’ Bio-sensor package, and shoulder-mount visual recorder with uplink. 

Ravenlocke Riot Shield
Ravenlocke brings you advanced an advanced riot shield. Lightweight Anti-ballistic polymers and with heavily reinforced edges. HyperObject Tags project your jurisdictional identifier, badge number, etc. Riot Shield Hyper-tags interlock to create messages to help disperse crowds.

Wasteland Trader's Lacerator Knife
Out in the wasteland, your grandfather’s combat knife may not quite do the trick— things can be big, mean and nasty out there, and you don’t want to lose your blade when it gets stuck in some random piece of bone. So we’ve found a little company that’s taken your grandfather’s combat knife and married it to your grandmother’s carving knife. This meaty sucker takes twin serrated titanium blades and merges them into a single, thick sharp blade that cuts with a rapid alternating sawing motion. The twin points jab with a piercing rabbit punch, while the twin edges are guaranteed to lacerate anything but the thickest steel. You’ll never get stuck with a dull blade again.
• Carves through meat with Str+d6 damage, AP 2
• Weighs a beefy 3 lbs.
• The hilt battery costs 100 credits to replace (required at each Advance.)
Cost: 400 credits. Bayonet Adapter +250 credits.

Ravenlocke GilgaMesh Shock Netting
You don’t have to be facing down Tiamat to want GilgaMesh at your side. The patented pulse shock pads deliver enough juice to stun, but not kill.
• Entangled victims must make a vigor roll at -2 each round or become fatigued. Battery last for 5 rounds.
• May be used as a melee weapon; or it may be launched from a Retiarius net launcher. (see page )
Cost: 250 credits.

Street Chic Spurs
Basic Spurs for the basic poseur. Typically spurs are mounted in vambraces or greaves. A character with spurs is always considered armed. Ceramic and Monofilament options available.
• Str+d4 damage
Cost: 50 credits

Retractable Claw/Blade
Larger retractable version of spurs. Mounted in vambraces. Activating (minor action) the retractable claw unsheathes an 18 inch blade. At which point the character is considered armed. Ceramic and Monofilament options available.
• Str+d6 damage
Cost 500 credits

Wasteland Trader’s DeathFist Ceramic Spiked Knuckles
Wasteland Traders knows that sometimes you need to leave your gun at the door, and walk thru a metal detector. DeathFist Ceramic Spiked Knuckles make you feel safe. Lightweight , non-metallic weapon that fits snuggly in the hand and can punch thru armor like a paper sack. Made of 100% ceramic, with three razor-sharp 4” spikes.
• Str+1d4+1, AP3.
• Fully ceramic construction
• Hold-out Weapon
Cost: a STEAL at 300 credits!

Melee Weapon Options:
These options may be added to appropriate melee weapons in this chapter. You may not combine Ceramic and Monofilament construction methods.

Monofilament Option Weapon becomes a Heavy Weapon, and AP4. Typical Cost 1,000 credits. This option may only be added to edged weaponry.
Cost: +1,000 credits

Shock Option Releases a potent burst of electricity on a raise. Targets must make a Vigor roll at −2 or become Shaken in addition to any damage inflicted.
Cost: +1,000 credits

Ceramic Construction Option Weapons constructed entirely from ceramic are undetectable by metal detectors, and are non-conductive. Edged and piercing ceramic weapons inherently have AP3, due to their ultra-dense razor sharp edge.
Cost: +250 credits for a small item (Dagger), +500 credits for medium (long sword sized), and +750 credits for a large weapon (great axe)

Smuggler’s Option This option allows the melee weapons to be easily disassembled into smaller parts without compromising the weapon’s functionality. It takes approximately 10 minutes to build or break-down the weapon.
Cost: triple the cost of the weapon.

Ravenlocke Securities LawDog VersaPistol™
The Lawdog, new for 2090. Law Enforcement and Security on the beat never knows what they’re going to encounter, and they don’t always have time to head back to the vehicle to grab the heavy weapons. Enter the Lawdog! Utilizing 10mm rifle rounds popular with law enforcement, the LawDog provides options for dealing with a situation, side-by-side magazines, and integral under barrel 25mm grenade launcher, provide options for nearly every scenario. TAP Activated ammunition swapping means you have whichever round you need, when you need it. The VersaPistol is Smart-link enabled, with down barrel targeting. Standard loadout for the 25 mm grenades is teargas or taser.

Order now and we’ll include a special LawDog Combat Harness, with custom sized containers for 25mm grenades, three round top clips, multiple pouches for your tactical accessories.

Shogun Outfitters Hornet Shuriken
The hornet shuriken packs a big sting in a little package. The ceramic shuriken contains a small amount of Nano Explosives within the blade. Once primed (free action), the Hornet will detonate on impact. Comes in a lovely SynthLeather pouch, in a variety of colors.
• Str+d4+2 damage, AP2
• Thrown range 4/8/12
Cost 150 credits for a set of 5.


Explosives and Munitions
Guided grenades “Gigi”
A guided grenade is a smart weapon version of a grenade, gaining the additional wild die, just like a smart weapon.

Refractor grenades 
“Anti-laser” smoke grenades. Specifically designed to refract radiation based beam weapons.
Laser weapons lose 1d die of damage when firing through a Refractor grenade’s smoke.

AMNG Anti-Materiel NanoGrenades
The grey goo grenades feature destructive nanites that have an active time of seconds. They are anti-materiel weapons programed to break the chemical bonds of metals and plastics. Universal laws prevent programming of nanites for the destruction of living matter, though rumors persist of NanoGrenades which have been programmed for such nefarious purposes.

AMNG will destroy 1 point of armor bonus (2 points on a raise) for each successful attack. 
Targetlock Rounds
This smart round interfaces with a smartgun to program a specific target. The round then makes minor corrections in flight to hit the target. While extremely expensive and difficult to find, these munitions make those hard shots look easy. Once programmed, the round will actively seek that specific target.

After aiming for a round, the entire clip of ammunition is programmed with the aim bonus. No other target will be hit by the round, including innocent bystanders.

Currently only available to rifle rounds and large caliber pistol rounds (10mm caliber and up). As well as Gyrojet munitions.
Cost: 500 credits each.

Additional Cybernetics

Everyone has needs and urges.  Someone’s gotta scratch that itch, right?  The companion package lets you be the ultimate playmate for all the right reasons.  Sleek, sensual, and superlative performance.

Cunning Linguist Cybernetic Tongue (1 strain)
There’s knowing a language and being a master.  Speaking with a literal forked tongue, you can lap from the seat of luxury and bring down the walls of Jericho when you make the lion’s roar your trumpet.  The cunning linguist tongue ensures that you never miss a beat, click, or tone, leaving your audience breathless with your exquisite skills.

Chameleonic Array (3 Strain)
While the process is highly invasive, the results are impressive. The Chameleonic Array replaces the skin of the user with a bio-feedback surface, Light Emitting Nanites, and an array of sensors to provide near perfect camouflage including temperature matching.

Zero-gee pneumatic jets (2 strain)
This system allows for easy yet slow maneuvering in a zero-gee environment. Pace 3, +2 to Zero-gee control rolls using the Survival (Space) skill. 

Large Scale Assembler unit.
Utilizes millions of nanites to assemble very large structures, LSA Unit can build a 2,000 square foot structure in 2 hours utilizing lightweight construction.
Cost: 150,000 Credits

Mega Scale Assembler unit
The trillion nanite assembler unit. This unit can create entire starscrapers given enough time. The main problem is programming them, as it requires incredible engineering to have the Nanites build to mega scales. MSA Units can assemble 20,000 square feet of structure in approximately 2 hours, provided enough resources are available.
Cost: 2.5 Million credits

Environmental Protection Gels
The handy gels are just the thing when you head into hostile environments. Currently available are cryo, corrosive, and pyro protection version of the gels. Note: Gels are not compatible with other EPGs.
EPG-A +2 armor vs. Acid and other corrosives
EPG-C +2 armor vs. Cold
EPG-P +2 armor vs. Fire, laser, and ambient heat.

Wasteland Traders “Outback” Munitions Maker
Why go out back to make your reloads, when you can go, OUTBACK. The Wasteland traders Munitions Maker backpack maker unit is designed with enough raw materials to produce up to 500 rounds of small arms ammunition, or 250 rounds of heavy ammo, the unit interfaces with a TAP letting you know how much material is available, and how many rounds are ready for immediate access. The unit produces a round in approximately 3 minutes.
Material reloads cost half the normal cost in materials.

Habitation Units
Nearly every character wants a place to call home. Whether it's a 72 square foot Microsquat HabUnit or a 20,000 square foot penthouse, with state of the art security and defenses, built-in AI to control the unit. HabUnits are pert of high rise complexes, though many of the MicroSquat habs are located 4 or 5 floors down, below the parking structures.

MicroSquat HabUnit (Included at Poor Lifestyle)
This is your bargain basement Unit. 6 foot wide by 12 feet long. Unit includes a micropower supply, fold-away bunk/eating area with point of sale food maker unit from your choice of local food providers, and built-in wall/overhead storage as well as underfloor compartments.

Everyperson HabUnit (Included at modest Lifestyle)
The next step in the hierarchy of habitation is the Everyperson HabUnit. More than tripling the size of the MicroSquat unit, the EPHU runs 10 foot by 25 foot.

TrueHab HabUnit (Included at modest Moderately well off Lifestyle)
This is the tier where you can actually start a family and live comfortably. These hab units often come with built in entertainment systems, appliances, and individual rooms. anywhere from 500 to 2000 square feet, which means the lower you are, the larger the unit.
[image of TrueHab unit]

UpperCrust Hab (Included at Wealthy Lifestyle)
These Habitation Units are located in secure buildings, with heavily armed and highly trained guards. Typically an UpperCrust Hab will consist of ¼ of a floor, ranging from 2500 to 5000 square feet in size.

TopShelf Hab (Included at Filthy Rich Lifestyle)
TopShelf Habs are for the wealthiest individuals, consisting of entire floors, accessed by private elevators, with chromed security guard escorts. Many TopShelf Habs have staff chefs servicing the clients. Some have indoor firing ranges, VTOL pads, luxury pools, name an amenity and it’s not if it has it but how many. The habs range anywhere from 10,0000 square feet to 100,000 square feet from a single penthouse to the top 3 or 4 floors of the building with the lower floors serving as servant quarters, personal offices, and even garages.

XaaCor Combat Zone Triage Kit
The Combat Zone Triage Kit includes the essentials for patching up wounded in a combat zone. The kit contains micro instruments which can broadcast relevant information to the CSTK TAPPlication. This grants a +2 skill bonus to a Field Medic during the Golden Hour even in a hostile environment.

XaaCor Portable Surgery Suite (PSS)
This portable surgery suite consists of everything needed to perform surgery in the field minus a building, a patient and a surgeon. The suite is provided within an 8 foot by 2 foot by 2 foot deep pod, and contains surgical instruments, stabilized universal synthetic blood IV system, integral gourney, surgical clothing in sterile packaging, temperature controls, defibrillator, and more.

Provides a sterile place to perform surgery in the field by a trained team.

XaaCor Remote Portable Surgery Suite (RPSS)
This Remote PSS provides everything that the PSS provides in addition to 4 robotic arms which link to the Remote PSS Surgical Team Uplink, allowing a trained team of surgeons to perform surgeries from the comfort of their own hospital. Why fly an hour to a hotzone, when that golden hour could be used to save the patient? After that, have lunch at a fancy restaurant, and then sleep in your own bed.

XaaCorp Trauma Stasis Tube
The TST is designed to prolong the golden hour for the nearly or even recently dead, the TST is a effectively a coffin with a flash cryogenic gel which can suspend the bodies functions long enough to get the body to the most qualified professionals. Most ambulances carry a TST for cases which turn out to be DOA, or beyond the available field medical capabilities. 

The Garage:

Additional Vehicle Upgrades
Drone Uplink Package
This package converts any vehicle into a drone which can be controlled by a drone jockey.

Booster Package
This package upgrades the propulsion system of the vehicle, providing short bursts of speed.
Gain a +2 on chase rolls.