ShadowCrawl Classics

I will be giving a taste of this Dungeon Crawl Classics take on the CyberPunk setting on these pages.

You're not a hero,
You're an Umbral Raider
A Graft
A Breaker
A Transmogrifier
A Weaver crawling through the AetherMesh
You seek Script & Secrets
Success through obfuscation and instinct
Bathed in the Gore of the unfortunate,
the Broken, the fallen and the Shattered
There is power to be won in the Umbra
Time to seek Jack in the Shadows...

This setting will be more of a gritty high fantasy, super science setting than pure cyberpunk. There are no gods, no clerics.  There are supernatural entities will to provide patronage. There are elder gods, those of alien mind, who drive their worshipers to insanity.

Classes include
The Graft
The Mog
The Weaver
The Breaker
The Hedge
The Penumbra
The Entombed
Gits (Halfling)
Hodgepodge (unstable goblin races)
Chimeer (Humanoid Chimera)

The Graft.
The graft is a warrior that utilizes grafts to greatly enhance their strength, agility and endurance, in order to the give them the edge in combat. The Graft is able to carry more grafts than any other class.

The Mog
Transmogrifiers, alchemists, mad scientists; the Mog is a a wielder of occult substances.

The Breaker
Rogue, thief, lockbreaker; when you need physical barriers removed, the Breaker is you woman.

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